Windows 2000 Books

Programming Directory Services for Windows 2000

Offering a unique approach on how to best utilize Windows 2000’s extensive new Directory Services, this book follows a seasoned trainer who travels around the world instructing Fortune 1000 IT departments. This approach helps the reader to fully understand all the features available with Active Directory and Directory Services. Throughout the book, Marshall focuses on building industrial-strength solutions using C++. He begins by covering basic directory programming concepts and naming conventions, then progresses to advanced topics such as creating and extending ADSI providers, security issues, and interoperability with LDAP and Novell Directory Services. Responding to the ongoing needs of IT professionals for current and reliable information on the latest technologies, Wiley Computer Publishing introduces the Gearhead Press titles. These books, written by accomplished trainers in their respective fields, focus on real-world examples and case studies to give readers the best information on leading topics. The Gearhead Press titles are characterized by two imprints: In the Trenches and Point to Point-both series include fast-paced books written by fellow IT professionals who have been there and done that. In the Trenches books introduce technologies, guide readers to proficiency, and serve as practical, hands-on references after the initial tasks are accomplished. The Point to Point titles invite readers to join an IT team at a model company and implement technologies in real-world environments-demonstrating actual problems and solutions.

Linux and Windows 2000 Integration Toolkit: A Complete Resource

As many more companies implement Linux alongside Windows, there is a critical need for guidance on how to make the two systems work together effectively. Addressing version 2.4 of the Linux kernel, this book provides network managers and system administrators with the most up-to-date working resource for all their Linux with Windows 2000 integration questions. Expert Ross Brunson uses many practical examples to help explain all topics from the ground up, including archi-tectures and features, strengths and weaknesses of both systems, protocols, system administration, various cross-platform operations, and finally, configuration and troubleshooting.

Bulletproofing TCP/IP-Based Windows NT/2000 Networks

Find out about TCP/IP-based network attack methods and threats to Windows NT/2000 computers and the preventive measures you can use to protect your infrastructure. Bulletproofing TCP/IP-based Windows NT/2000 Networks details the use of router access lists, firewalls, virus scanners and encryption. It includes examples of the configuration of hardware and software to prevent or minimize the effect of a wide range of communications-based attacks against TCP/IP networks and Windows NT/2000 hosts connected to such networks.

Windows 2000 Server For Dummies

Windows 2000 Server For Dummies covers new Web-enabled network features and Active Directory administration for Windows 2000 in plain language. It’s full of easy-to-understand instructions that enable you to find your way around a Windows 2000 Server-based network and… Grasp basic networking concepts and terminology Understand network design, layout principles, and installation configurations Review software components common on Windows 2000-based networks Install and configure Windows 2000 Server Manage users and groups on a Windows 2000-based network Conduct a review of network security principles and practices to protect your data from accidental loss or vandalism Troubleshoot common causes of trouble on Windows 2000-based networks

Windows 2000 Professional For Dummies : Quick Reference

Windows 2000 Professional For Dummies Quick Reference offers business and professional users who are updating to this operating system get-in, get-out information to help them address basic interface navigation, implement the new security features, share work over a network, and understand the system’s new applications

MCSE Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure For Dummies

If you’re a MCSE candidate who doesn’t have a lot of time to study, this 100% accurate guide provides just what you need to pass the new “Core-Four” Exam 70-216. The CD-ROM includes a test engine that generates thousands of exam scenarios, test-prep software demos, such as Transcender, Specialized Solutions, and more.

MCSE Windows 2000 Directory Services For Dummies

MCSE Windows 2000 Active Directory For Dummies is 100% accurate backed by Sento Corporation. It covers new features of the Microsoft exams, such as adaptive testing and simulation questions. You can test your knowledge with self-assessment questions, hundreds of sample exam questions, lots of labs, a customizable practice test engine on CD, and QuickLearn, a sci-fi game that helps you answer test questions under time pressure. Like all MCSE Certification For Dummies titles, MCSE Windows 2000 Active Directory For Dummies carries the Microsoft Certified Professional Approved Study Guide seal of approval.
Covers: Exam 070-217

Windows 2000 Administration For Dummies : Quick Reference

Essential information at your fingertips! If you like your answers quick and your information up-to-date, look no further. With this concise, superbly organized reference, you’ll get step-by-step advice on how to manage a Windows 2000 network — from setting up users and groups to locking down security.

Windows 2000 Administration For Dummies

As millions of network administrators around the world upgrade to Windows 2000 — or install it initially — Windows 2000 Administration For Dummies is sure to help them set up and maintain the best networking environment for their needs. Written in plain English, this indispensable resource for network administrators covers setting up Active Directory, managing users and printers, establishing security, and troubleshooting network problems.

MCSE Windows 2000 Server For Dummies

A Microsoft-certified expert reveals everything you need to know to pass this new “Core Four” MCSE exam, covering each exam objective with the real-world savvy required for exam success. The CD-ROM includes a customizable practice test engine; demos of popular test-prep software; and QuickLearn, a game that allows you to test your networking skills under time pressure.

Windows 2000 Professional For Dummies

This book may look similar to all those earlier Dummies books on Windows, but it’s been completely revamped to describe Windows 2000 Professional, the “business” version of Microsoft Windows – which is probably what you have on your desktop computer or laptop at work. You can get the skinny on all those new features of Windows 2000 Professional, if you’ve recently upgraded from Windows NT or Windows 98. And experienced Windows 2000 Professional users may be able to fine a tidbit or two that they didn’t know.

Windows 2000 Registry For Dummies

CD-ROM includes top third-party Registry utilities Navigate the Registry with our unique fold-out map
Fine-tune your Registry with confidence — and turbocharge your system! If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow road map to reliable Registry improvements, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a power user running Windows 2000 Professional or a network administrator running Windows 2000 Server, this friendly, failsafe guide delivers the tools you need to tinker with the Registry — and make your system faster, easier to use, and more secure. all this on the bonus CD-ROM RegMon freeware version — Watch Registry changes occur in real time Multi-Remote Registry Change 3.1 demo version — Make a Registry change and roll it out quickly over your network InstallWatch Basic 1.1 freeware version — Monitors changes that applications make to the operating system as they install PC with Pentium 166 or faster with 32MB RAM, Windows 2000 (any version); CD-ROM Drive (4x or faster). For complete information and system requirements, see the CD Appendix.
Discover how to: Customize the Registry to enhance Windows 2000 performance Create Registry backups to avoid disaster Make changes using control panels, REGEDIT, and REGEDIT32 Troubleshoot Registry problems Roll out Registry tweaks across a network

Windows 2000 Server Security For Dummies

Whether you are a networking neophyte or the administrator of a networking team, get the scoop on the new security tools with Windows 2000 Server Security For Dummies. From evaluating your organization’s need to safeguard your network to facing very real security infringements, this book presents what you need to know in easy-to-follow steps… Investigate how hackers break into your network and understand why you should be concerned about security. Secure your files, folders, printers with an encrypting system and security settings. Figure out who should have access to which parts of your network. Uncover the steps to locking down the remote connection and certifying authentication. Secure all Internet Protocol traffic in and out of the devices on your network. Check your defenses, monitor for breaches, and audit activity on your network. The enclosed CD-ROM offers you evaluation versions of SmartFilter for Microsoft Proxy Server, Interceptor, and ISS Internet Scanner. It also includes trial versons of Synchronicity 2.0 and SpamKiller.

Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Begin with a thorough explanation of the Windows 2000 operating system and then dive into some of the most popular Windows features and related programs. Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional helps you become a Windows 2000 expert via handy cross-references and visual step-by-step procedures mean you find answers to your questions easily with simple-to-use tools. Don’t miss a special section on using Windows 2000 to browse the Internet, send and receive e-mail, and access areas of the Internet that remain hidden to people who only use a Web browser. Teach Yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional enables you to customize Windows 2000 Professional to work the way you do. With this book you can do the following: Configure the operating system for a server or peer-to-peer network. Find and manage files using the Windows Explorer interface. Manage e-mail and newsgroups with Outlook Express. Troubleshoot Windows 2000 Professional yourself.

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows 2000 Server

Teach Yourself Windows 2000 Server VISUALLY is the ultimate step-by-step task and solution-oriented book on beginning to intermediate features of Windows 2000 Server. Each task or feature is displayed on a two-page spread, for fast and focused learning. A beautiful, full-color illustration demonstrates what the task or feature will accomplish, and annotated screenshots direct you step-by-step through to completion.

Windows 2000 Professional Bible

Reveals how to master every aspect of Windows 2000 Professional, from installation, tune-ups, and software to the Internet, multimedia, mobile computing, and advanced topics. Registry tweaking and network management. Softcover, CD-ROM included, DLC:Microsoft Windows(Computer file).

Master Windows 2000 Professional VISUALLY

Using step-by-step, annotated screenshots, this 100% task-oriented guide shows power users how to install and configure the new Windows operating system — and how to optimize and customize it for increased productivity. The CD-ROM includes a fully searchable version of the book, as well as live Web links.

Windows 2000 Secrets

Windows 2000 Secrets is the ultimate resource guide for accessing hidden techniques and undocumented features within Windows 2000. With over 800 pages, plus a bonus CD-ROM on how to boost productivity within this revolutionary new operating system, Windows 2000 Secrets provides eye-opening step-by-step procedures, insider advice, and time saving to help the advanced user address the following topics: Dual-boot systems Plug-and-play Power management features Internet connectivity Advanced control panel techniques Security and performance management with MMC sanp-ins Connecting to a Windows, UNIX, or Novell network.

Windows 2000 Administrator’s Handbook

Streamlined for the in-the-trenches use and presented in a small, handy trim size, this shop manual for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Windows 2000 is an indispensable aid for network administrators. “Just in time” instructions provide invaluable tips for solving immediate, specific problems.

Windows 2000 Networking For Dummies

Windows 2000 Networking For Dummies teaches even the most novice computer user how to network the new Windows 2000 operating system. From new information on Active Directory, domains, and the 2000 Server, to updates on everything from files systems, protocols, and management utilities, this no-nonsense guide truly helps take the word work” out of network!

Windows 2000 MCSE Study System

Microsoft Certified Trainer Alan Carter has been teaching the Microsoft Official Curriculum for more than a decade, and his previous MCSE books have more than 160,000 copies in print. His newly designed, two-color study system–which features fully integrated test-prep software on CD-ROM–is just what you need to master the material and pass all of the “Core Four” required exams on the Windows 2000 MCSE track. It also boasts a special section for those upgrading from the NT4 exam, making this 5-in-1 title an incredible value.

Windows 2000 Scripting Bible

This authoritative, comprehensive guide is your bible to Windows 2000 scripting. Written for people at all levels of technological know-how, it may be used as a reference book or a tutorial. You’ll appreciate the step-by-step instructions and clear explanations enhanced by icons, charts, and hundreds of screenshots. The tips, insights, and shortcuts that appear in each chapter will help you to Automate most network routines. Master VBScript and JScript essentials. Learn the ins and outs of scripting engines and the Windows Scripting Host architecture. Read or write to files, manage drives and printers, configure menus, and work with the Registry. Save time with scripts for network tasks, logon/logoff operations, and other routines. Use Active Directory Services scripting to manage accounts, systems, and services. Build spreadsheets, animate charts, and access databases with COM scripting. Work with library utilities to automate scripts for file management, network administration, and more. If you’re an administrator or developer using Windows or scripting technologies, you’ll find techniques not published anywhere else. You’ll see why the entire Bible series has such an outstanding reputation when the Windows 2000 Scripting Bible goes the distance for you.

Windows 2000 Server Bible

Whether you just want to get a handle on what’s new in Windows 2000 Server or are responsible for migrating from Windows NT to Windows 2000, this book’s got your system administration needs covered. With this guide’s extensive coverage of Active Directory, you’ll find out how to manage users, groups, servers, and network security. Use this expert advice to optimize and manage your file-sharing effectively and take advantage of this operating system’s revolutionary Web-enhanced technologies.

Windows 2000 Server Secrets

If you’re a network professional responsible for deploying, supporting, and maintaining Windows 2000, you understand how Windows 2000 Server promises a quantum leap in network performance. In addition, you appreciate hands-on knowledge and support that extends far beyond what’s available from Microsoft sources. As the shift from traditional LAN and desktop computing continues its shift to the Internet, you need a guide like Secrets Windows 2000 Server to master the intricacies of Windows 2000. The book is full of little-known tips and tricks for saving time and increasing productivity. Author Harry Brelsford writes with 10+ years of real-world experience; follow his lead and implement Windows 2000 in ways that weren’t even anticipated by the developers at Microsoft. Included in this book are the secrets that enable you to make the most of Windows 2000 Server Implementing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting TCP/IP Analysis of the most common real-world, Windows NT-related tasks you perform each day Planning and implementation of Active Directory Explanations of related networking solutions offered by Microsoft to accompany Windows 2000, including Professional, Advanced, Datacenter and Small Business Server Improving the performance of your Windows 2000 Server network via basic quantitative analysis, Performance Monitor, and the advanced use of Network Monitor Troubleshooting hands-on approaches, methodologies, tools, and resources The enclosed CD-ROM contains valuable utilities, including diagnostic tools, system enhancements, and a fully searchable electronic version of the book.